Almost half a decade ago, I was given an opportunity to manage a real estate marketing campaign of more than Rs 5 crore budget. During that time a relatively new real estate company claimed to sell more than 3000 units in a couple of days. They credited their success to the big bang project launch – high visibility & high intensity using a 360-degree marketing campaign. They used to be everywhere, at print, radio, hoardings all around the city. This power of marketing has always fascinated me. 


To execute that campaign I started talking to lots of marketing and media agencies. They all had similar methods to design a campaign. I thought probably this is the time tested winning formula. We hired a well known creative agency and a media buying agency. They came up with good artwork, media plan and a very good deal while purchasing media. The day the campaign got rolled out I even got a bouquet from my media agency with a card written, “you people have rocked the market”. 


Sixty days later in the review with the management, we analyzed the performance and outcome of the campaign – direct for the actual amount of sales and indirect in terms of brand building. The availability of the data, its direct link with spent and sales generated was largely missing. Well, the success and failure of that campaign were debatable but one thing I was convinced that there must be a better way to drive sales than this big bang marketing approach. That night I read Jack Trout – Marketing is a very weak force and my journey to finding science and algorithms in the art of sales and marketing began. 


The iMarketz- An Algorithmic Sales Studio is a result of that same quest. More than half a decade of mindful research, extensive use of marketing technologies, analytics of rapidly changing behaviour of consumers, focussing on lead management, lead nurturing and sales meeting, sales negotiation eventually leading to customer acquisition. This evolution process has helped us in crystallizing a robust three-layered Sales & Marketing process- “Market well, Sell well, Serve Well”. This entire structure works like an assembly line manufacturing process with each detailed step being analyzed and improvised upon using all the input and output data. It gives clear visibility to the Business Owner in terms of where and how much money is spent and its tangible outcome in a very transparent manner. 


In the process we understood, if this process has to work like a machine and give us predictable outcomes then there must be checkpoints at various stages to monitor the health of operations and well-defined course correction processes. We were able to identify when ‘marketing accidents’ happen, how to avoid it; which situation results in ‘sales accidents’, what are remedies to avoid it. It was one hell of a journey. We understand that we don’t always need a big budget to make a big impact on marketing, rather a well-targeted algorithmic sales approach offers a much higher return on investment. 


Our narrative will not be complete without admitting that we made a lot of mistakes in our journey, a few costly ones too. I believe that they were stepping stones of our deep insights and learnings. Now with iMarketz, we would like to use our Algorithmic Sales process to work with business owners to ramp up their sales at a very competitive cost in a sustained manner. You may no longer have to SPEND FIRST a huge amount of money in hiring an agency for marketing strategy and a whole lot in media and then WAIT FOR THE RESULT. Yes, there is a better & scientific way to grow your business.  iMarketz – An Algorithmic Sales Studio is a trusted partner in ramping up your sales in a cost-efficient & sustainable manner.

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