Nearly, 1 Billion hours of YouTube videos are watched everyday around the world according to Techcrunch – a leading online newspaper focusing on tech and startups. This metric isn’t really surprising – for one thing, it’s an easy-to-digest format that gives our eyes a rest from the overabundance of textual information online.

Video is a versatile and engaging content format that not only gives us a real-life picture of what is going on; it’s also easy to share across multiple platforms. Consumers like it because it’s easy to digest, entertaining and engaging, and marketers like it because it can give a potentially huge return on investment (ROI) through many channels.

I came across some impressive statistics that prove the importance of videos in digital marketing in Today’s era:
-India’s total video market – traditional and digital is currently at Rs. 11.6 Billion (Source: Media Partners Asis).
-India daily YouTube video consumption alone is ~503 Billion views a day, second to only the USA (Source: ChannelMeter)
-India is also the seond largest market for Facebook (Source: Digital Uncovered)
-97% of marketers claim that videos help their customers better understand products (Source: Hubspot)
-81% of businesses are now using video as a part of their digital marketing strategy (Source: Hubspot).
-90% of consumers claim a video will help them when making a purchasing decision (Source: Social Media Today).

So, what I understand from the above statistics is that whether it’s about informing, educating & nurturing the audience or staying competitive, videos need to be a part of any effective digital marketing strategy.

Instagram stories and Snapchat have also emerged as effective platforms that are great for offering people intimate glimpses or short, personal glances and they are great for creative tools. The interesting thing about these videos is that they are only up for 24-hours so that creates more of a real-time feel. It also gives marketers the opportunity to develop Ads that are focused on time-sensitive promotions. Youtube and Facebook too have started offering such features over the past year or so.

Live video is a category that has grown in recent years with industry giants like Facebook and YouTube all offering ways for businesses to stream live content. Live video can be effective. Facebook says that live streams get six times as many interactions as regular videos.

Uploading videos to YouTube that target common search terms can be a effective way to get your business on Google’s rst page. That is because Google includes YouTube videos at the top of the page for many search terms. In fact, search algorithms are increasingly prioritizing web pages with video and videos now appear in 55% of Google keyword searches.

Businesses can create a wide variety of videos including explainer videos, short social media videos, product videos, testimonials, etc. depending on their needs to effectively market their products and services and garner more customers.

Source– Source: Anmek Report, Times of India, Me and The Hindu

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