Content Marketing can be used to drive organic traffic to your site. Learn how hub & spoke model for content marketing can improve your marketing ROI.

When we think about creating topical – evergreen, informational content – it’s sometimes hard to fit all that information on one page. So, we when think about ‘hub-and-spoke models,’ we want to think about generating content on a broad topic while diving deeper into more relevant areas on different parts of the website.

Think of the hub as the center of the wheel, and all of the spokes pointing outward. In an SEO and digital marketing parlance, the hub is the main topic that we want to create more authority around. The spokes are all that supporting content that might help boost authority around that topic. Marketers can identify potential hub-and-spoke topics through keyword research. The higher volume, more transactional keywords are likely to be “hubs,” and the lower volume, long-tail keywords will serve best as “spokes.”

The main goal of the hub-and-spoke model is to not only increase your keyword rankings overall around the topic but also to increase your ranking around the main hub topic, ideally in the first position.

Why is the Hub & Spoke Model Important?

Monitor results and share your wins
Increase overall keyword rank
Generated leads and traffic

The best way to become more authoritative around a single topic is to show Google you know what you’re talking about and that you are the go-to resource around it. The hub-and-spoke model in content marketing takes a lot of resources and time to make sure we are getting it right.

The hub-and-spoke model works by creating more content around one of our business lines or services. The more relevant content we have on our site, the more Google and the user will associate us with this.

4 Step Hub-and-Spoke Content Process:

keyword research to understand search demand
Decide the topics
Work with internal stakeholders to design and approve content
Monitor results and share your wins

One of the best ways to demonstrate relevance around a topic is to show Google that you are the source of truth for all things about it. That’s why I really do believe that the hub-and-spoke model in content marketing is one of the best and most natural ways to increase a business’s organic visibility.

As a business, we need to continue to put the customer first and write content that we would find valuable if we were looking for our services. And don’t be upset if it doesn’t work right away – SEO is a long-term game and we need to make sure we are putting in the time and energy to get it right. By focusing on the customer’s needs and answering their questions, you will eventually reap the rewards.

By using the hub-and-spoke model, you will be able to prove to your company how beneficial it is to use the customer’s voice prior to creating content and how it can increase your overall authority around a topic.

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